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viernes, 29 de enero de 2016

Red Riding Hood costume & an Oliver and S patterns smash up!

I am no good at blogging but I avidly read many many posts, and that's how I came accross the Oliver and S mash up challenge. Unknowingly I already have my own mash up and today I'm finally going to blog about it!

We had the challenge set by my daughter's Xmas festival, as girls should be Red Riding Hoods.I am not keen on buying costumes as they are expensive and the fabric usually is too itchy. She has a few costumes which she wears all the time, so I thought this would be the case as well. 

These were the patterns I chose:

I already had the cape planned, as the Forest Path Cape was already on my sewing plans - ever since I sewed the Woodland stroll cape for myself last october (not blogged). I just chose a red fabric, and I paired it with lining from my stash- I think this is the perfect match - I love the red-and-white contrast and the design is so in line with the theme!

For the hood I used the pattern from the School days coat, which I sewed last year (again, not blogged) and it was the perfect size as well.

The skirt pattern took me a bit longer to choose. I wanted a skirt with room to twirl but wanted something different from a round skirt. I went through all my collection (thanks to pdf patterns to make this so much easier) and my pattern magazines, but none was ok. I ended browsing the Oliver and S shop again and it took me less that a minute to choose the Hula Hop skirt. Awesome. 

I made a size 5 with no modifications. The fit is perfect, and I added a lovely label.

We both are delighted with how this mash up turned out, and the skirt is already on high rotation.
It is too cold now for the cape, but will get some wear next spring for sure. 

I'm linking to the Oliver and S smash up entry here

4 comentarios:

  1. No sé inglés, pero la capa es una preciosidad.

    1. ¡Gracias! estoy muy contenta de cómo ha quedado y a ella también le gusta, qué más se puede pedir :)